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A view to remember

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After a tiring day on past 12 day maybe or maybe more.. i've lost count how many day struggeling with tiring day.. what a life eh..

thanks there is still few frind who giv a moral support and today.. when i've 2nd time sitting on my off desk there is a msg are

  via yim offline msg (6/28/2008 9:26:11 AM): "Bila Allah cepat makbulkan Doamu, Maka DIA Menyayangimu, Bila DIA Lambat Makbulkan doamu, Maka DIA Ingin Mengujimu, Bila DIA Tidak Makbulkan Doamu, Maka Dia Merancang Sesuatu Yang lebih Baik Untukmu. Oleh itu, Sentiasalah Bersangka Baik Pada ALLAH Dalam Apa Jua Keadaan Pun... Kerana Kasih sayang ALLAH Itu Mendahului KemurkaanNya..."


JOS: 406 Error in Firefox/Opera when Redirecting

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Not Acceptable
An appropriate representation of the requested resource /index.php could not be found on this server.

edit .htaccess
RewriteEngine on

Dlm global configuration > site> SEO setting onkan mod_rawrite..

tukar value dlm table mysql simple way

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tukar table row dp 0 ke 1
; UPDATE distributors set country_id=1 WHERE country_id=0;

lagi cth;
UPDATE jos_users set usertype='Author' WHERE usertype='Registered';
UPDATE jos_users set gid='19' WHERE gid='18';

lagi satu how about only UPDATE record 'username' yg kosong je?
; UPDATE distributors set username=dist_code WHERE user_id > 1 AND username='';

This will update all username to match dist_code but it won't follow the
zerofill value so dist_code=0001000 will be just username=1000
; UPDATE distributors set username=dist_code where user_id > 1;

كونتراك سا دان ماسوق ود.

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ده 4.. إيه 5 هاري استري ماسوق ود، ڤد مولاڽ دالم ڤوكول 1 ڤاڬي اثنين ماسوق ثلاث لا كوت ده.. دي مڠادو تق بوليه تيدير.. سمڤأي ك ڤاڬي كونتراك سا ماكين منجادي2، جادي تروس بركجار ك قبمچ دان صح دوكتور چاكڤ ده بوك 4چم دان كونتراك سا ترلمڤاو كرڤ... جادي ڤاڬي ثلاث تو ده كنا ماسوق ود سمڤأي لا هاري ني...

دوكتور ڤولا تق كاسي كلوار ڤاسل تاكوت اڤ2 يڠ تق دايڠيني برلاكو.. ني بارو ج 35ميڠڬو جادي دوكتور تق كاسي لا دولو انق ني كلوار.. كالاو ده ماسوق 36 ميڠڬو لاين ڤولا چريتا...

نته بيلا استري تقد ني تقد ڤولاق كاون2 اجق مينوم2 ك هاڤ... كالاو استري اد كت اومه راماي ڤولاق يڠ اجق ك سان-سيني.. هاي...

جادي لا اكو باڤ مثالي.. هاري2 كنا جاڬ انق...

Add authentication to any php page the easy way

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This is useful for anyone who'd like to add a login form to any php page.

< ? include "access.php"; ?>

(remove the space before the question mark)

The crentials can be edited in the access.php file, by changing the values of $ADMIN_USER and $ADMIN_PASSWORD. This useful script requires no database, and no big tweaking to the code on your pages.

PHP User online tutorial

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In this tutorial create 1 file
1. user_online.php

1. Create table "user_online" in mysql in database "test".
2. Create file user_online.php.

Blog updated from 3.24 to 3.32

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yesterday I've realize that I'm missing something that I've never and to long to never write and tells how and what do i feel. so iv'e update this blog version frm 3.24 to 3.32.. it's was quick update where i just rename blog to blog2 and db dump then drop then create and manualy and importance table into mysql. yesterday also i realize i need this dam blog due so many things need to remember was lost in my brain! i can't pickup all the snipet and this is one of the blog usefull to me...