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Registered of Apparatus Assignments - 9W2XFC

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 Today and since few day back was a bz and tiring day.. but then i was manage to going to shah alam mcmc to register my 9w2 apparatus assignment. hence it's was tricky to find 3 sentences .. a good one... fay was taken and most my fav was taken.. while last few week surfing i found my interest of flying give me some clue to get fly characteristic but then.. like F3A, F3C, F3J etc can't be done due numbering.... hence i'm futaba maniac and dam  i found few interesting call sign.. XFC.. dam it is...

 i was use xface aka xfc on my linux box.. it is lightning fast x-windows, i was dream of xtream flight champ where it is championship to be champion! hehe..

 but then dun fight like xfc does..


I've create some footer image to add on forum and i don't like it.. i'll make batter on later ... now to much load work todo..