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This is SPA3DT and I start to built one since Nov 2006. It's powered by TT .46, and it's made from chloroplast or straw plastic board some people say. The main fuselage are from aluminum bought from frame shop. U can get the plane and some pic in here.

My hangar as 22 Nov 2006

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Home made stix

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I start to build home made stix around Sept 2006, as pictured above this is my V1 stix and it's hav look like Wau and this stix has been proven with EP setup with low power requirement and it's fly for very long minutes. It's fly like a dream in a night time.

MT 3D Magic - Fun FLy ARF .46

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I bought this plane at 19 Aug 2006. Different from Diablo, I was really enjoying this plane since it's maiden. I start know how fun 3D is from this plane. But then it took few month to me to feel really comfort with this plane.. once I know how gentle till wild fly, how tough this plane... this is my fav plane till now.. but to bad early this year, fuselage are broken and not repaired till now.. due hard to find time to fix it..




At almost all event and my holiday I'll bring this plane and this plane has been fly at many places.. This plane had younger brother called V2 with different themes and it's 50-50 prefitted for EP or GP play.. I'll get this one too later...

A visit to giant builder

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Today 30 July 2006, I've a free time and manage to visit a Giant scale builder and giant exbition flyer. His house at Bukit Puchong and inside his house almost all plane are Giant scale ARF and kit. yes you heard me.. giant stracth built.
This two picture plane are made from hand scratch built and all finishing from fiber and fully hand painted.

TT Raptor .50

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This is my 1st nitro heli and a bought this around 27 July 2006 week due the 3 picture on full/read more was dated on the date.
This heli has many upgrades, time by time, and still with me event few times, friend of mine wanted to buy it.. sorry.. collectible item :P

BH Diablo 3D .40

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I got this plane around early July 2006 and this is my 1st attempt to fly 3D. I still remember when maiden this 3D bird on 15&16 July 2006, my body was overshaking and it's fly like pies of paper! But then the maiden was so-so and it is at Taman Mas Sepang/Puchong.

Untill now this bird still flyable even alot I mean alot of time crash due to extreme 3D and alot of time repair was made. Event engine also has be change few time with 2st or 4st.

This bird still rocking on air till now.

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CMPro Giles .50 V2

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 I receive this Giles 50 V2 around 13th April 2006. After pickup at post depoh KLIA this bird was slowly assemble and I was suprise with the quality of this bird. Not like V1, this bird covering was bit batter and look pretty decent with full painted. Hardware also seem tobe batter with dubro like hinges and all built thread of this bird was in here (u need tobe logged in to view full picture). This bird still sitting on my hangar untill now.

Nucleus; /forms/template modification

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Some <br /> was not in the place and I've moded 


to suite me..

get grap by hoster for changes.

VM Stiletto .40 with Vmax .52

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I bought this plane frm 9W2XRD around 4th April 2006. He sell 2 of his plane and Excel trainer was sell to my friend.

This plane originally powered by Vmax .52 with original muffler. Due very fast and blasting the original muffler was lost while flying and since that I've use few other muffler and non act fast as original. Only after Kijol sell his tune pipe to me.. I feel this plane are very fast...

Some other modification I've made is recover back tail section where it's explained in here

Almost originaly w/o modification yet

Got tune pipe?

I've much fun and miss this plane so much. This plane was RIP total lost on Tasik Prima Puchong Field.

Before total lost.. this plane has seating on my hangar for quite long time 6-12mth.. i think la.. but then when wanted to fly it back.. i never do full checking... only after take off i realize elevator flapping and noting I can do.. only on take off... first and last.. left turn on full throutle this bird get down to land.. yes it is due broken part of elevator...
The elevator has been cracked! that the main reason this bird total lost...

TWM Groovy F3A .50

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This is TWM Groovy F3A 50, I bought this around March 2006 and maiden it around April 2006. Also this bird was maiden at Tasik Prima Puchong Flying Field. This plane is totaly not for begginer. It fly like a dream and it's is a good plane to whom really wanted to serious in F3A flying.


Alot of modification has been made and this plane are so weak on the landing gear part. So I've reinforce it with ply after few time ori balsa cracked.

As stated not for begginer... landing it also not so simple as other plane.. it is fast and high stall rate!

Last but not least... this plane still blasting and still flying sometime when the mood come out.

ubuntu cannot mount volume

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 Just a shot note that some variable command to force mount ntfs volume when "cannot mount volume" appear.

Maybe this cause of unproper shut down on ntfs os and a bit leceh to put back the hdd and make it proper shut down. but then that not only cause of this error.

install the ntfs config if still not installed.
 # apt-get install ntfs-config

then force it via command line mount
 # mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1 -o force

CMPro Giles 50 V1

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This is CMPro Giles size 50 where it's most fav plane in that time. My built thread of this plane is in here. You need to login to view full picture attachment mode.

This plane was too nice to fly and it's do many things.. for this moment i start to figure what is acrobatic mean.

I bought this bird on 18th Jan 2006.. and since it I start built it and it is my 1st ARF built and alot of modification has been done. Read it more on the built thread here.

This plane was maiden on Puchong Tasik Prima (where now already hav bunglow). To much fun on this plane since it.

The beginning of mess of my Hangar... still remember this moment...


When the fun just about to start.. the plane was crash total lost in Langat Flying field. It was 2nd flight on that morning... 1st was blasting and landed about over shoot but it's still ok.. but then on 2nd flight everything was mess up on the take off...

RIP on 12 March 2006 and maybe it's due having other reason... V2 is still to come...

a hensom reunite? or ...

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