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TWM Cessna Skylane EP

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I receive this plane from RZ around June 2007. It's already modded with float and I've added waypoint brusless motor and ESC.

It's was maiden at Metropolitan lake and it's flown only few minutes till get down to the lake.

After few day/week checking the diagnostic the problem was come from the Lipo... the story will be added later due I've lost so much coz  of the  Lipo set. 

Event doo manufacture has replace many Lipo to me... I've lost... [to be continue]

To read review on this bird.. read on this link.

16 May 2007 Hangar View

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hangar hangar
This little stix are from Jeff and powered with small EP config

hangar hangar
This DLG bought from 9W2IZU where ordered from flying-kit Dot com

hangar hangar
This was my 1st stix where concept from wau bulan. Few month past flon this stix and still blasting.

25 March 2007 Langat Flying Field

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25 March 2007 Langat Flying Field 25 March 2007 Langat Flying Field
25 March 2007 Langat Flying Field 25 March 2007 Langat Flying Field

Today I've at morning session Che Mat bring his strecth build bird. It's a big one.. and last post I've shoot with 3M paragon belong to 9W2IZU but this time this one belong to 9W2SRS. It's a perfect day with so many crowded.

Yeap! Crazy Hughes do it again! @KLCC Banquet Ballroom 1

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KL Convention Center Banquet Ballroom 1 KL Convention Center Banquet Ballroom 1

Since last crazynest at Mandarin Oriental Ballroom, this Hughes do it again and this time located at KL Convention Center Banquet Ballroom 1. The rehearsal are few minutes from the actual event. So no mess with the time now.

Indeed on the last statement only true brave people or ball'less can do this. Enough word.. picture shown everything.

This rehearsal and event are at 18 Mac 2007.

CMP Lancair 360/MK2 .50

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CMP Lancair 360-MK2 .50 I receive this bird and was assembled from 9W2SRS around Dec 2006. This bird had full fiber on the fuselage and balsa with covering on the wing. The wing tip also having fiber. This scale a little bit difficult to fly unless having negative (positive on JR) expo on Futaba. This scale fly like a real scale and land a little bit fast to.

To read more on this scale, please visit it's web.

Hackers Model Zoombi 4D

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Hackers Zoombi 4D Hackers Zoombi 4D

I bought this Hackers Model Zoombi 4D from aircraft-world Japan at 22 Dec 2006. It's come in combe with Waypoint Brussless motor and Waypoint 25A ESC. This model was fantastic to fly and can be played either indoor or outdoor with mild wind.

A visit to builder - 9W2SRS

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A visit 9W2SRS base A visit 9W2SRS base

Today 6 Dec 2006 I've a change to visit 9W2SRS house. He's on the process building some kits from US mostly. Hence it is a serious builder. Maybe one day I'll built strach buit or kits as well. Now time still to make money. duh~!

Discus CS Scale Glider Wingspan:2652mm

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CMP Discuss 2.6m CMP Discuss 2.6m

On 11 Dec 2006 I bought CMP Discus CS Gilder (2652mm ARF) from Few day later on the ARF arrive and I've start to built it and some EP was ordered from aircraft-world japan. This included folding prop, spinner and etc.

To read full built story please visit and some picture was added on extended story/full story on this post.

Crazy Hughes fly at Mandarin Oriental Ballroom - 30 Nov 2006

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A life time change to witness Crazy Hughes fly at Mandarin Oriental Ballroom Crazy Hughes fly at Mandarin Oriental Ballroom Crazy Hughes fly at Mandarin Oriental Ballroom

Only some people are crazy flying Hughes Heli in a Hotel Ballroom! sure or not? Wow this people are 'balless'! some buzz at back saying. This Hughes powered by JR Air Skipper 50.

Enough say, picture tells so many things. This is rehearsal held at Mandarin Oriental Ballroom on last 30 Nov 2006. For more picture please goto gallery or read this own news at

Paragon 3 Meter Glider

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today 2nd Dec 2006 when flying at gombak/setapak area.. 9W2IZU come with his 3m powered paragon. It's a big glider, easy and gantle and good thermal catcher..