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Comment prb in Nucleus 3.41

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After upgrading to 3.41 and only today notice that form comment for not logged are pretty messy with no </br> at the place... so i've fix this by adding </br> to it..



KUIM - Toman cast spell error

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Normally I play much with toman and some buzz telling playing with toman wasted due it's kill and shorten your machine life, blah.. blah.. etc... and toman taste don't so good and not much people willing to clean it/siang and cook it.

But today after few toman release from my hook.. I realize few things.. what the hex with the buzz saying machine faster kong etc? I dun fishing to much due work load... and I think that statement belong to who buy cheap2 reels.. get a batter quality and wack it.. I've plenty machine.. and what I see all reels are still in good conditions and the only prb is myself kenot tahan saw few good machine in market and buy it.. duh!~

 Back to KUIM toman... they are quick learner.. why? he he to many to type.. i'll type later but i've use 40-60lb braided line for hook and they still snap due their teeth!  Use black steel 9" they don't want to eat.. duh~.. use 3 hook also dun wan to eat.. casting is haven here.. can't tell you how many fish in here but they are to much!~

UBUNTU - Install log

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I've installing linux for so many but today I realize i need to log on this... i'm getting older...

This log has been logged step by step for UBUNTU 8.04x..

1. after finish install

As default Ubuntu has no password set for the root user. To gain root access you have to type in your own user password. This is the password you set for the first user while installing Ubuntu.

To manually set a password for the root user, type in the following in the shell:

sudo passwd

After that you are asked to type in the new root password twice. Finally, your root user has its own password.

>> Source

2. check this software updated ot install it if not in
as root

apt-get install wget
apt-get install lynx

both for getting some file by using command at linux bash.. lynx is text browser..

Nucleus CMS updated from v3.33 to v3.41

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 Wow this is post using new v3.41.. that was quick fly updates from v3.33! Congrats to Nucleus CMS team make life easier...

 Event I'm also a Linux maniac, web apps developer and computer language freek etc... I'm sooo lazy with updates but then updates kill those bug.. hehe.. 

 With this Nucleus I dare to chalange this is the most realible CMS/Blog machine nowdays.. congrate again!

Glider - Apollo EP

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glider apollo glider apollo
glider apollo glider apollo
This glider has been scratch built by 9w2srs and i receive mine around Nov 2007 and since then 3 off us trying to finish it and maiden it.

My hangar as 5 Oct 2007

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hangar as 5 oct 2007 hangar as 5 oct 2007
hangar as 5 oct 2007 hangar as 5 oct 2007
hangar as 5 oct 2007 hangar as 5 oct 2007
more pic on single more view or full story

TMP Katana V2 .46

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tmp kanata 46 tmp kanata 46

Bought this plane around 11 sept 2007 and this plane ain't easy.. event you have play 3d before.. this plane characteristic totally different with normal 3d plane.. maybe due it's profile plane! the built was quick and I've alot of fun on it. maiden with saito .72 and then try with .46 tt 2st but i realize there is give and take either you wan power or light on weight... since then it using saito .72..

BH Canter .40

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bh canter bh canter

I forgot when i bought this plane, it should be aug 2007 somewhere... and this bird ain't fast as advertised. I was powered this plane with so many engine such as tt .46, vmax gold .52 with bisson pits etc and the last was change from inverted to side mounting with tune pipe! This plane is good for normal fly or to learn fast and tricky landing skill, touch and good etc.. I've bring this plane few time to hometown for short take off and landing area.. overall this plane can be blast for a boring day but not that fast lar.. hehe.. this plane has been hard landing when last play(around mid 2008) at LFF and few broken from the impact. Still in the hangar and finding new owner to foc give away.

Great Planes Slinger

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great plane slinger

Bought this Great Planes Slinger at 9 aug 2007... before that i was do so many research for zagi play. Some good review in here and for mini version review in here. Since bought i've change so many motor/esc setup and till now this slinger has been play brutally at almost any place including soaring at beach area etc.. till now it's still blasting!

great plane slinger great plane slinger
With RIP Formula Magic 60 3D..

Magic Formula 3d

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At 6 Aug 2007 I bought this Magic Formula 60 3D when my 40 size magic hi-wing still ok and blasting but then it's still hi-wing and can't be done to much on it. I really love my 40 hi-wing magic and this magic should be in magic family and for sure it can be so much trick on this plane.

Some good review on this plane in here.

More Magic formula 60 3D built thread in here but u need to register to view all picture.

magic formula magic formula
left when prefit and shot show time. right both magic family

magic formula magic formula
the 1st formula has been powered by saito .91 where only enough to hang but not much power to pull put from hangging

magic formula magic formula
18 nov 2007 left the last hang before battery died and hit wall! total lost!. right RIP formula magic..

magic formula early 2008 got 2nd formula 3d from 9w2srs and this time i was power it with super tigre .90 ringged and the power are there but then.. the construction can't take to much vibration!