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widuri-impian.com and birth to new palace

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It's been a while using wiic@f51.org mailing list for short form Widuri Impian Islamic Community, and since last monday 15th 6 09, by registering pre before it.. and since monday also it's was solve the DNS to my hoster.. i've straightly install portal script and till now a great sussess was made and still on.. much more to do.. here we go www.widuri-impian.com hoping will be frenquet Widuri'er to post and discuss...

KUIM - Toman cast spell error

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Normally I play much with toman and some buzz telling playing with toman wasted due it's kill and shorten your machine life, blah.. blah.. etc... and toman taste don't so good and not much people willing to clean it/siang and cook it.

But today after few toman release from my hook.. I realize few things.. what the hex with the buzz saying machine faster kong etc? I dun fishing to much due work load... and I think that statement belong to who buy cheap2 reels.. get a batter quality and wack it.. I've plenty machine.. and what I see all reels are still in good conditions and the only prb is myself kenot tahan saw few good machine in market and buy it.. duh!~

 Back to KUIM toman... they are quick learner.. why? he he to many to type.. i'll type later but i've use 40-60lb braided line for hook and they still snap due their teeth!  Use black steel 9" they don't want to eat.. duh~.. use 3 hook also dun wan to eat.. casting is haven here.. can't tell you how many fish in here but they are to much!~


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nad: its not ur blog
fay51: read again
fay51: my header
nad: its not ur blog..i knw it
fay51: my blog lah
nad: no its not
fay51: i'll paste
fay51: wait har
nad: no need la
nad: u just paste somebody blog...it not even u
fay51: just let u know the truth
nad: nothing truth abt u
nad: untill i c u in wbcam

New Blogger for 2007!

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There is much things happen latetly and my blog v1 has been screw up from hivehosting their url is http://hivehosting.net/ or http://hive.com.my/ ... please do not trust them,

they claim the best hosting but they don't have backup when their server mess around.. i heard having data couropted but then how come hsoting no backup? such of liar when claiming in their sales page so many things in sweet word.

they don't even applogy to customer what have they did! this what i call bullshit..

almost 2year now i never write something and there is much thing happen.. screw hive hosting coz of you shitnes and bullshitness i a little bit phobia to wrote something on my blog...

this is my old blog at http://blog1.xylonite.org/ and this only data in my pc.. oh yess.. it's my own personal backup.. screw you hive hosting!

Welcome to zxczxczx

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This is the first post on your xczxzxczxc offers you the building blocks you need to create a web presence. Whether you want to create a personal blog, a family page, or an online business site, Nzxcz

We've loaded this first entry with links and information to get you started. Though you can delete this entry, it will eventually scroll off the main page as you add content to your site. Add your comments while you learn to work with zxczxczr bookmark this page so you can come back to it when you need to.
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