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14 Noon & 15 Morning Jan 2006 @ Tasik Prima Flying Field

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it is a memories when someone meet and after few year.. we don't event know where are they...

27 Nov 2005 - Tasik Prima Puchong Flying site..

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this some picture where the start of new hobby become serious... it's was dated on the topic...

a dream of fly - the serious starter

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 Oh well... it is before this i was playz... but this is a dam serious movement on RCing after quitting riding coz of few reason...

This story has been written at my old blog.. but as you may know.. f**k ups hivehosting.. all and many story are gone.. 

well time to remember when it start and start reloading memories...

this is my very 1st nitro bird hi-wing trainer..
when I think to go serious GP player so this is it.. This picture dated 18th Nov 2005 and I must be starting within that date.

This plane still in a good shape event few time hard landing and inverted landing! This plane still in my hangar...

Before then..

farewell my biking dreams.. i'll return one day.. not now.. nah.. 


Cameron Highland trip on 2th Nov 2001, where after it called "Cameron Disaster Trip" due on theway back my bike having jammed!...



Batu Tiga Circut 20th April 2002 on Metzler Tyre test event track day and Genting snap ride.

Sepang Track Day 30 March 2003 with sg folks, atep & ridz...



28th March 2004 weekly ride where it's called TTKong ride... I did ride at almost every week to this loc...


A dream of fly reloded

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I still piss of with hivehosting.net ...
I still piss of with them..
read my anger with them on my old blog... coz of them my database was missing due their stupidity and it is few year already from now but still i hate them so much.. they still owe my apologies... i still don't accept when they say the dam hard disk was failure and no backup.. hance what the hex they claim on their web telling they are running mirror.. crond job etc... for me it's a crap statement.. fark off hivehosting.net 

I've upload many and many my fly log on my old blog.. hive screw u again .. ive lost all the data till end of the old blog.. and yes that is my personal backup database was running on my old blog...

Cos of hivehosting also i was afraid and to phobia to write a blog...

Well time goes on.. to many flying memories... i'll add slowly.. time by time..

Power HD Specifications to view

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Dam it's power house servo!

Vmax .52 engine parts

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eng vmax 52 eng vmax 52

 There is forumer selling this whole engine for parts. only few of it missing and the missing part was no need for me.. so what the hex.. for a good deal.. grap it.. the picture shown my prev engine after crash with Stiletto and perhaps time to change few engine parts and go on fly again!


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