PR com_uddeim & com_fireboard moded as 25 Jul 08

Posted by: fay

In com_uddeim folder do search "button" and add string after submit style='color: #000000'.. this need tobe add at all string. This is due "SEND" link was hidden with wrong css code.. very dificult to get which and what it's conflict with.. adding color more batter..

In  com_fireboard there is date issue and to fix this

<span class = "view-username"><a href = "<?php echo $msg_prflink ; ?>"><?php echo $msg_username; ?></a> </span> <!---<span class = "msgusertype">(<?php echo $msg_usertype; ?>)</span>--->

<span class = "msgtitle"><?php echo $msg_subject; ?> </span> <br><span class = "msgdate" title="<?php echo $msg_date; ?>"><?php echo $msg_time_since; ?> - <?php echo $msg_date; ?></span><br><br>

date FB 1.0,4 to jcms
<!--- <?php echo $leaf->moved ? _FB_TOPIC_MOVED_LONG : date(_DATETIME, $last_reply[$leaf->id]->time); ?> --->
<?php echo $leaf->moved ? _FB_TOPIC_MOVED_LONG : FB_timeformat($last_reply[$leaf->id]->time); ?>

<!--- <small><?php echo $leaf->moved ? date(_DATETIME, $leaf->time) : date(_DATETIME, $leaf->time); ?></small> --->
<small><?php echo $leaf->moved ? FB_timeformat($leaf->time,true) : FB_timeformat($leaf->time,true);

and css add

span.msgdate{font-weight:     normal;font-size: 10px;text-decoration: none;padding-left:6px;}  


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