New Blogger for 2007!

Posted by: fay

There is much things happen latetly and my blog v1 has been screw up from hivehosting their url is or ... please do not trust them,

they claim the best hosting but they don't have backup when their server mess around.. i heard having data couropted but then how come hsoting no backup? such of liar when claiming in their sales page so many things in sweet word.

they don't even applogy to customer what have they did! this what i call bullshit..

almost 2year now i never write something and there is much thing happen.. screw hive hosting coz of you shitnes and bullshitness i a little bit phobia to wrote something on my blog...

this is my old blog at and this only data in my pc.. oh yess.. it's my own personal backup.. screw you hive hosting!

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nice new year look ah fay

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