A dream of fly reloded

Posted by: fay

I still piss of with hivehosting.net ...
I still piss of with them..
read my anger with them on my old blog... coz of them my database was missing due their stupidity and it is few year already from now but still i hate them so much.. they still owe my apologies... i still don't accept when they say the dam hard disk was failure and no backup.. hance what the hex they claim on their web telling they are running mirror.. crond job etc... for me it's a crap statement.. fark off hivehosting.net 

I've upload many and many my fly log on my old blog.. hive screw u again .. ive lost all the data till end of the old blog.. and yes that is my personal backup database was running on my old blog...

Cos of hivehosting also i was afraid and to phobia to write a blog...

Well time goes on.. to many flying memories... i'll add slowly.. time by time..

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this tells 3 yr back. Myself also kena with hivehosting.net or com.my . Don't trust them! they don't event say sorry and don't made any refund! they are selfish!

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