CMPro Giles 50 V1

Posted by: fay

This is CMPro Giles size 50 where it's most fav plane in that time. My built thread of this plane is in here. You need to login to view full picture attachment mode.

This plane was too nice to fly and it's do many things.. for this moment i start to figure what is acrobatic mean.

I bought this bird on 18th Jan 2006.. and since it I start built it and it is my 1st ARF built and alot of modification has been done. Read it more on the built thread here.

This plane was maiden on Puchong Tasik Prima (where now already hav bunglow). To much fun on this plane since it.

The beginning of mess of my Hangar... still remember this moment...


When the fun just about to start.. the plane was crash total lost in Langat Flying field. It was 2nd flight on that morning... 1st was blasting and landed about over shoot but it's still ok.. but then on 2nd flight everything was mess up on the take off...

RIP on 12 March 2006 and maybe it's due having other reason... V2 is still to come...

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event this bird since nice to fly.. when comes to covering.. it's is fail on the covering and the hardware are very fragile. I've change the carbon landing gear with alum after few flight due broke fiber.

other than... it's still very i mean very nice to fly...

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