VM Stiletto .40 with Vmax .52

Posted by: fay

I bought this plane frm 9W2XRD around 4th April 2006. He sell 2 of his plane and Excel trainer was sell to my friend.

This plane originally powered by Vmax .52 with original muffler. Due very fast and blasting the original muffler was lost while flying and since that I've use few other muffler and non act fast as original. Only after Kijol sell his tune pipe to me.. I feel this plane are very fast...

Some other modification I've made is recover back tail section where it's explained in here

Almost originaly w/o modification yet

Got tune pipe?

I've much fun and miss this plane so much. This plane was RIP total lost on Tasik Prima Puchong Field.

Before total lost.. this plane has seating on my hangar for quite long time 6-12mth.. i think la.. but then when wanted to fly it back.. i never do full checking... only after take off i realize elevator flapping and noting I can do.. only on take off... first and last.. left turn on full throutle this bird get down to land.. yes it is due broken part of elevator...
The elevator has been cracked! that the main reason this bird total lost...

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