BH Diablo 3D .40

Posted by: fay

I got this plane around early July 2006 and this is my 1st attempt to fly 3D. I still remember when maiden this 3D bird on 15&16 July 2006, my body was overshaking and it's fly like pies of paper! But then the maiden was so-so and it is at Taman Mas Sepang/Puchong.

Untill now this bird still flyable even alot I mean alot of time crash due to extreme 3D and alot of time repair was made. Event engine also has be change few time with 2st or 4st.

This bird still rocking on air till now.

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12 April 2009 Giv this bird to 9w2izu due i've so many bird now.. and hope this will fly again with new owner..

indeed this is very good bird to learn 3d!

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