f51.org - the return of the lost!

Posted by: fay

Yesterday when i wanted to register .my domain i was shocked when suddenly known f51.org was available! dam i've use this 12++year back! it's was lost from my control when my life struggling with life error 10yeasr back!

i remember how i monitor this domain since lost and for few year i've keep monitoring this domain.. only me know how i really wan this domain.. and yes.. yesterday i was so lucky to grap fast!

welcome home f51.org.. welcome home.. i'll use this as double primary now.. xylonite.org was well know.. f51.org are darn well known  once upon a time...

 i was pretty happy!

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huh....ada balik....huhu.....
baguih dok ada......apa la cita bro skrg nih....
lama tak jumpa.....masing² semua membawa diri....si pakcik pun dah kawin dgn org kedah gak....dia dok kat KL gak......jaapaq pun ada kat cheraas tuh haaa.....
semoga berjaya dlm hidup bro....

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