Magic Formula 3d

Posted by: fay

At 6 Aug 2007 I bought this Magic Formula 60 3D when my 40 size magic hi-wing still ok and blasting but then it's still hi-wing and can't be done to much on it. I really love my 40 hi-wing magic and this magic should be in magic family and for sure it can be so much trick on this plane.

Some good review on this plane in here.

More Magic formula 60 3D built thread in here but u need to register to view all picture.

magic formula magic formula
left when prefit and shot show time. right both magic family

magic formula magic formula
the 1st formula has been powered by saito .91 where only enough to hang but not much power to pull put from hangging

magic formula magic formula
18 nov 2007 left the last hang before battery died and hit wall! total lost!. right RIP formula magic..

magic formula early 2008 got 2nd formula 3d from 9w2srs and this time i was power it with super tigre .90 ringged and the power are there but then.. the construction can't take to much vibration!

If have a change, I'll power this formula with saito 1.25 for batter and still it's was recomended from many web...
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