KUIM - Toman cast spell error

Posted by: fay

Normally I play much with toman and some buzz telling playing with toman wasted due it's kill and shorten your machine life, blah.. blah.. etc... and toman taste don't so good and not much people willing to clean it/siang and cook it.

But today after few toman release from my hook.. I realize few things.. what the hex with the buzz saying machine faster kong etc? I dun fishing to much due work load... and I think that statement belong to who buy cheap2 reels.. get a batter quality and wack it.. I've plenty machine.. and what I see all reels are still in good conditions and the only prb is myself kenot tahan saw few good machine in market and buy it.. duh!~

 Back to KUIM toman... they are quick learner.. why? he he to many to type.. i'll type later but i've use 40-60lb braided line for hook and they still snap due their teeth!  Use black steel 9" they don't want to eat.. duh~.. use 3 hook also dun wan to eat.. casting is haven here.. can't tell you how many fish in here but they are to much!~

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