widuri-impian.com and birth to new palace

Posted by: fay

It's been a while using wiic@f51.org mailing list for short form Widuri Impian Islamic Community, and since last monday 15th 6 09, by registering pre before it.. and since monday also it's was solve the DNS to my hoster.. i've straightly install portal script and till now a great sussess was made and still on.. much more to do.. here we go www.widuri-impian.com hoping will be frenquet Widuri'er to post and discuss...
Alhamdullilah.. by today near 30 WIIC'er has been register and there will be more..
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by fay Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:46 am

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it's work and i think this will be ok for the moment
takde free sgt tapi dptla masukkan galeri gambar dp

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